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Shade Tree Commission

(Thu Jul 12, 2012)

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Have a Tree Planted in Front of Your Home !

The Shade Tree Commission accepts requests for tree plantings on the Borough rights-of-way throughout the year. Trees are generally planted in the Spring or Fall when temperatures and precipiation are optimal for the tree to thrive. If the Commission receives more requests that it has trees to plant, your request will go on a waiting list for the next tree planting.  The cost of tree-planting is paid by the Borough, however, homeowners are requested to care for the tree by regularly watering it for its first years. To request the planting of a new tree in the Borough right-of-way in front of your home, please click here .

Shade Trees

Thanks to the efforts of our Shade Tree Commission, Closter is honored to have been named Tree City USA for the last seven years by the National Arbor Day Foundation . This honor requires that the Borough follow certain guidelines established by the Foundation in terms of tree care, plantings, and celebrations. In accordance with Borough code, no tree in the Borough right-of-way (approximately 10 feet from the curb line) may be plant, pruned, or removed without the expressed permissin of the Borough. To request an inspection of a pontentially harardous, diseased, or dead tree in the Borough right-of-way, please click here . To request the planting of a new tree in the Borough right-of-way, please click here .  For urgent tree matters, please contact the Building Department at 201.784.0600.


Board Members and Contact Information

Mission Statement

The Shade Tree Commission is established by the Mayor and Council and authorities inlcude:

  • Exercise full and exclusive control over the regulation, planting and care of shade and ornamental trees and shrubbery now located or which may hereafter be planted in any public rights-of-way within the Borough of Closter, including the planting, trimming, spraying, growth, care and protection thereof.

  • Regulate and control the use of the ground surrounding the same so far as may be necessary for their proper growth, care and protection.

  • Move or require the removal of any tree, or part thereof, dangerous to public safety.

  • Encourage arboriculture; make, alter, amend and repeal, in the manner prescribed for the passage, alteration, amendment and repeal of ordinances by the Mayor and Council of the Borough of Closter, any and all ordinances necessary or proper for carrying out the provisions hereof.

  • Enter upon private property, with the consent of the owner, for the purpose of determining whether the trees are healthy and administer treatment to, or remove, any tree situated upon private property which is believed to harbor a disease or insects readily communicable to neighboring healthy trees in the care of the municipality, provided the suspected condition is first confirmed by certificate issued by or on behalf of the Department of Agriculture.